In the midst of everyday stresses, clarity is something that can be difficult to maintain. A key to self-worth, confidence and overall well-being, the very essence of clarity is what enables healthy connections—within yourself, your relationships, with all of life.


Once we learn to let go, we can step into this moment fully. Through meeting ourselves and others, just as we are, a deeper understanding and appreciation grows for authentic connection. When trust, empathy and kindness are present, the richness of community can then be fully experienced.


Community takes effort. It takes kindness, generosity and selfless service. The good of the whole is linked to the good of the individual, just as the good of the individual is linked to the good of the whole. In families, workforces, schools, teams of all kinds, the ability to work together with clarity and focus paves the way for insight and freedom.


Samantha Kinkaid is based in Southern California and offers her core programs in public and private settings. Individual, small group and online instruction are also available.

Samantha is dedicated to empowering individuals of all ages to realize their full potential. Integrative mindfulness & yoga services are given through classes, education, and advocacy bridging sustainable wisdom to the home, classroom, and office.

Core Programs Offered:
-Insight Out - Mindfulness and Yoga for Children.
-Social Flexibility Yoga for Youth with Autism, Sensory and Social Challenges.
-Yoga Care Therapeutics for Adults and Seniors.
-Retreats for Teens and Adults.