Community Spotlights

One of the founding principles of Yoga Everyone is giving back to our community. We have all experienced times of need, financially and emotionally. No matter how hard things have been for each of us, we also realize there are always those who face tougher challenges. Connecting in moments of joy and sorrow, of need and abundance allows us to strengthen our bonds and grow our hearts. We can offer ourselves in beautiful ways–large and small–that celebrate life in all moments.

Each teacher has selected an organization within our community that touches them deeply. Our intention is to raise awareness on each of these wonderful organizations, supporting them and our community. This page is intended to support, inform and inspire–please take a look below!

Beth’s Spotlight: Women’s Odyssey House, Canoga Park
Women’s Odyssey is a licensed and certified Residential Treatment Program, with strong 12-step orientation, in which every woman can acquire the skills to overcome her addiction(s) and develop a productive, sober way of life that fulfills her potential. The Odyssey House is a complete Treatment Facility, in a home like setting, that offers structure in a supportive atmosphere to assist residents in implementing the necessary steps to overcome addiction.

Kate’s Spotlight: Senior Concerns, Thousand Oaks
Serving the community since 1975, Senior Concerns is a private, non-profit organization, dedicated to serving the senior community and especially frail and special-need seniors, caregivers and families by providing quality programs, appropriate resources and educational outreach. raising funds and developing and administering quality-of-life programs for seniors with special needs.

Mary’s Spotlight: Mountains Restoration Trust, Calabasas
For more than 30 years Mountains Restoration Trust (MRT) has worked to preserve, protect and restore this fragile ecosystem by offering responsible preservation and restoration programs, acquiring resource-rich land, and offering educational and recreational activities to the public.

Meg’s Spotlight: Art Trek, Newbury Park
Art Trek, Inc. is an independent, hands-on, not-for-profit arts program bringing quality visual, literary and performing arts into the community. Their mission is to create a positive and confidence-building experience for individuals of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds: in classrooms, in public facilities, in their studio and wherever they can meet a need. They are based in Newbury Park and have served our community and beyond for over 15 years.

Samantha’s Spotlight: Buena Vista Butterfly Foundation, Westlake Village
The Buena Vista Butterfly Foundation is committed to providing compassionate financial gifts for struggling hospice families’ needs. Expenses at the end of life can be catastrophic. Some medical expenses may be covered by insurance, but day-to-day living expenses are not. Families can spend their life savings and caregivers can lose their jobs from absenteeism when a life-limiting health condition arises. The Buena Vista Butterfly Foundation was created to relieve some of the financial burden that struggling families experience during the time of hospice.

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