I am new to yoga and meditation. How do I begin?
Purchase one of our Introductory Offers and attend a Level I, Gentle, Restorative or Meditation class. Every teacher will be happy to speak with you before or after class as you begin to discover the practices.

I can’t touch my toes. Can I practice yoga?
With a regular yoga asana practice, flexibility is one of the many benefits. However, yoga is not a goal-oriented practice. You’ve heard the saying that the journey is what’s most important, not the destination? Well, that saying holds true here. Learning to be right where you are wherever you are and being ok with that, actually opens the body and mind to the next level of flexibility. Actually, you don’t ever have to touch your toes to practice yoga.

My mind is always “on.” Can I meditate?
Busy minds can seem like a distraction, but the moment you realize your mind is busy is the first step in mindfulness. There are many ways to come to meditation. It’s not about achieving a “state” or transcending reality. Rather it’s waking up to reality and embracing every moment—just as it is, just as you are. Sometimes, the reality is that we have a busy mind. And that’s ok.

What should I wear? What should I bring?
If you already have a pair of yoga pants and a fitting top, great. If not, just wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement. Please bring a sticky mat and a water bottle.

When should I arrive?
If you haven’t visited us before, please come 10-15 minutes early to get registered before class. For your convenience, you can find our Registration and Waiver form here to complete at home or work and bring with you. All students, please arrive early enough to check in before class.

Do I need a yoga mat?
Yes. You can buy one from us in our boutique or you can purchase one from our online store and we’ll hold it for you. We carry Manduka mats. You can also pick one up from a number of retailers. We do not have rental mats.

I have an injury. Can I practice yoga?
If you’re new to that teacher, please let your teacher know before class of any injury you have. If it’s your second class with that teacher, still be sure to let your teacher know—we’re human and we might forget. Our instructors will suggest modifications as appropriate.

Truth in yoga: If it hurts, stop. You know your body best, please be mindful and don’t go beyond your limit. You can test your boundaries, but you know when you’re pushing and it’s never worth it. If in doubt about your injury, it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise program.

I’m sick, but think I can make it to class. Can I come?
If you are fighting the flu or a cold, please stay home and rest. If you want to sweat it out, take a hot bath, just please don’t sweat it out here. We wish you well—and all the members of our community—and will welcome you back when you are feeling better.

How much are classes? How do I purchase them? How do I keep track of my classes?
Please check our Price List page for detailed information on class prices. They can be purchased online when you register for a class. You can also purchase a class or package at the studio. We offer single drop-in classes, as well as multiple class packs and monthly and annual unlimited. If you purchase a pack or an unlimited, you will receive a keytag that you will scan before each class. Anyone at reception can let you know how many classes you have remaining.

What kind of yoga do you offer?
All yoga classes fall under the Hatha umbrella. Please take a look at our Class Descriptions for details on specific classes.

How hot does your studio get?
During the summer months, the practice room is air conditioned. In the winter, it’s heated. Year-round, we maintain a comfortable temperature between 74 and 78 degrees.

How can I reserve my spot in a class? What if I arrive and the class is full?
You can register easily online. Registering ahead of time is recommended as classes and workshops tend to fill up. It’s always best to arrive a few minutes early if possible.

What’s your cancellation policy? What’s your refund policy on boutique items?
If you’ve made a reservation online please give at least 24 hours notice. For workshops, please give 48 hours notice. All boutique sales are final.

Do you provide any payment options if I cannot afford classes?
If you are finding times are tough financially right now, please contact us for options. We are happy to work with you so you can get the support you need to attend class.