Our Team

SamanthaKinkaidSamantha Kinkaid
Studio Director; Teaches Meditation, Yoga Care Therapeutics, Social Flexibility Yoga; Private Consultations Available

As founder and director of Yoga Everyone, Samantha is grateful to be able to work with such a dedicated team. As a therapeutic yoga and meditation teacher, Samantha is committed to supporting clients in their healing process and their personal growth and development. She has had the privilege to serve groups and individuals – children through clients at the end-of-life – with diverse challenges including insomnia, autism, anxiety, anger, depression, post-traumatic stress, chronic pain, and disease, as well as support during major life events. Samantha is interested in wisdom and compassion practices being a more sustainable part of our culture. With her work and writing, she actively seek ways to raise awareness on the benefits of these practices – at home, in schools, in business.

Outside of the studio, she works closely with Richard Miller, PhD and the Integrative Restoration Institute. Additionally, Samantha is dedicated to the study and service of those with autism and their families. She has completed post-graduate studies with UC Davis in their Professional Concentration in Autism Spectrum Disorders. She continues to work closely with professionals in this field, as well as teachers and parents. Samantha designed both the Yoga Care Therapeutics and Social Flexibility Yoga programs that are offered at the studio and in private settings.

She lives in Oak Park with her family where they enjoy hiking, swimming and playing in the park.


Beth Hazelton
Studio Manager; Teaches Level 1/2, Yin, Restorative

So inspired by her yoga practice and the immense impact that yoga has had on her life, Beth felt a calling to pass those benefits on to others and enrolled and successfully completed the YogaWorks 200-Hour Teacher Training under the direction of Nona Chiang, David Kim and Lainie Devina. Beth embraces all styles of yoga and believes, because of the fast paced, exciting times we are living in, that it’s important to take the time to slow down and tune in so we can bring peace, calm and clarity to our hectic lives and the world around us. Her practice employs a balance of strength, flexibility and alignment for a physical workout which calms the body and the mind.

Honoring the immense value that yoga has brought to her own life, Beth’s dream is to make yoga accessible to all by removing any barriers that may prevent people from experiencing the many benefits it has to offer.

Outside of the yoga studio, Beth finds happiness and joy spending time with her husband and 3 daughters. Beth also enjoys, the beach, live music, reading, learning, the company of her friends and family and any adventure that may take her to new and exciting places.



Connie Ni
Level 1/2, Restorative

Connie’s passion is to bring out positive energy from others. Her teaching focuses on providing instructions for impeccable alignment and creating a safe and mindful yoga practice. She has a dance background as a child and discovered yoga when she was in high school. As a mathematician, another of her passions, yoga has helped her balance her well-being and grow spiritually. She loves to share in and guide her students’ journey of finding a genuine connection with themselves. Connie completed her 500-hour yoga teacher training through YogaWorks.

Besides yoga, she enjoys hiking, running, and playing the piano.

Danijela Zakic
Community Class

Danijela has been celebrating yoga since taking her first class more than 15 years ago. In the beginning, she immediately enjoyed the physical challenge and loved the way it made her feel. She would soon discover that yoga would calm her mind as well as heal her body.

Her goal for her students is to provide guidance so that they can find their own breath, connecting body, mind and spirit.

She is grateful to all the generous teachers who have nurtured her and is honored to guide students on their own journey towards love, health and balance.

JohnS photoJohn Slicker
Qi Gong

John Slicker has been practicing Qi Gong since 1995, originally with Zhixing Whang, founder of the ‘Hua Gong for Healing’ system, in NYC. A graduate of the International Institute of Medical Qi Gong in Palm Desert, John is also a certified Body-worker, Somatic therapist and yoga instructor. John brings a clear and balanced approach to a holistic & esoteric system of self-healing and meditation.


yoga bio picKristie Covaleski
Vinyasa Flow

Kristie fell in love with yoga after walking into her very first class more than fifteen years ago, and she has been practicing ever since. As a former dancer, Kristie immediately appreciated the discipline and physicality of the yoga practice, linking graceful movement with body alignment. What she quickly came to realize was how much more yoga had to offer….the importance of the breath, the conscious mind, and opening the heart to something greater than ourselves.

Kristie is pleased to be a recent graduate of a 200-hour teacher training program and becoming a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance). She is grateful for the guidance of her mentors who inspire her to find her own voice as a teacher. Kristie want to share the joy of yoga with others, so that they can gain inner strength, balance, and peace uniting their whole body, mind, and spirit…and eventually finding their inner bliss!


Mary DeLorenzo
Level 1/2, Flow
Before ever even discovering the system of Yoga, Mary always walked the Earth with an expanded heart, creative soul, and a passion to celebrate life in each radiant moment. At 19, Mary moved to San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury, and her heart chakra glowed brighter than ever before, as she found both her soul mate, and the practice of Yoga! As she developed her practice, and saw her life unfold even more beautifully than she had ever imagined, she knew that sharing this ancient healing modality with others, was her dharma. Mary guides her students through a mind, body, spirit experience, designed to connect the student to their divine inner light.

Mary completed her 200 HR teacher training through YogaWorks, under the wisdom of Jeanne Heileman and Thomas Taubman. She continues to study with Jeanne Heileman, and has completed Jeanne’s Subtle Body Master Training, Level I. Further, Mary is currently studying Tantra with Tracee Stanley in the Sankalpa Shakti Teacher Training. In addition to Yoga, Mary is deeply moved by the majestic redwood forest, listening to her favorite vinyl records, and her daughter’s love. She holds a bachelor of art’s degree in Women and Gender Studies. She resides in Topanga with her partner, their daughter, and bearded dragon, Mojo.