Qigong and Sound Healing Workshop with Christo Pellani


Qi Gong_Feb1_14Qigong and Sound Healing Workshop

Saturday, February 1, 2014 – 3:00-5:00pm

Join Christo Pellani in this unique experiential workshop combining Qigong and Sound / Energy Healing!

In this innovative experiential immersion, you will learn powerful self- healing techniques to release stress, energize, balance, and strengthen your physical and subtle bodies, while calming and focusing your mind with principles of the 5 Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tama-Do sound healing.

Vitalize the energy channels of the body with specific “Tao Yin Fa” Medical Qigong exercises visualization, and breathwork.

BOWL MEDHarmonize and balance the Chakras and Organs using Vocal Toning of specific Sacred Sounds (Bijas) and Vowels,  Breath, Visualization and the application of rare and specifically tuned sound healing instruments including:

– Singing bowls
– Chakra alignment tubes
– Monochorde
– Gongs
– Harmonium
– Drums and other ambient instruments which replicate the 5 Elements based on the Kototama practice: The Ancient Science of Pure Sound.

Sound Room

Christo Pellani is a world reknowned master drummer, Vibrational Healer, and Expressive Therapist. He provides products and services blending principles of Sound , Rhythm, and Movement for personal growth, expression, and wellness.

Christo is a certified Tama-Do practitioner and Instructor of Tao yin FA Chi Gong. For more information, please visit: www.soundformation.com

Vitalize and Harmonize as you Balance your mind body and spirit.

Click the workshop tab to preregister, $25 in advance $30 at the door.