Social Flexibility Yoga™ – for Autism, Sensory & Social Learning Challenges

Equipping children with strategies for making calm choices while in a relaxed and empowered state.

This unique class links the benefits of yoga, mindfulness, and social-emotional learning techniques together. Students experience improved physical and mental flexibility, inner and outer focus, self-regulation and awareness of others.

Deepening their understanding of how we communicate with our bodies and how to adapt this expression based on context are some of the main components. Becoming equipped with strategies for making choices while in a relaxed state gives students the experience and results they need to begin to independently use these tools in other environments.

Key Benefits:
– Greater Awareness of Self and Others
– Improved Impulse Control
– Greater Sense of Empathy
– Improved Social Skills
– Increased Sense of Calm
– Decreased Anxiety
– Improved Focus
– Greater Ability to Recognize and Express Feelings, Emotions and Thoughts

Among the students who benefit are those with Autism, ADD/HD, Sensory Integration Disorder, processing delays, anxiety, depression, and anyone who needs a little extra support.

Social Flexibility Yoga was developed and is taught by Samantha Kinkaid, Founder of Yoga Everyone. The program was inspired by Samantha’s graduate studies at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and the work of Dan Goleman, Richard Miller, Michelle Garcia Winner, Mark Greenberg, and the UC Davis MIND Institute.

Private and Group instruction is available. Group class size is limited to a maximum of eight students. Preregistration is required.

Social Flexibility Yoga group classes are offered:
Tuesdays at The Friendship Circle – 4:00-5:00pm
~~Ages 9-17

Private instruction is offered Monday through Saturday. Please contact Samantha for more information and to schedule.